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Inequality and private property…read more

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Gender inequalities favoured women rather than
· Division of labour by sex- men responsible for
procuring food and women responsible for
domestic care
· Women weren't subordinate to men
· Private property consisted mainly of simple tools,
weaponry and utensils- property was passed
through the women's line
· Monogamous marriages didn't exist- men never
sure the child was theirs no doubt for women and
so property passed on to the children by women…read more

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Private property
· Animals were domesticated and became an
important form of private property
· Meat and other animal products became
critical parts of the economy of early societies
· Men gained the responsibility for owning and
controlling livestock and were unwilling to
allow this important property to be passed
down the female line…read more

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Identify their own children
· Men increasingly put restrictions on women's
choice of sexual partners
· Monogamous marriages was established
· Men had gained control over what was now
the patriarchal family…read more


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