Energy sources

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Energy sources Pro's Con's
Coal Abundant source of energy compared to other Deep and opencast mining used to extract it which
energy sources causes environmental damage
Non-renewable Inexpensive Burning it releases greenhouse gases which leads to an
Versatile increase in global warming
Reduces dependence on oil Heavy and bulky to transport so more greenhouse gases
Electricity produced is reliable released
Oil and natural gas Cleaner to burn than coal (oil) New fields are usually in sensitive areas such as the arctic
Easy to store and transport (oil) Terminals and refineries take up large areas of land
Non-renewable Most versatile fossil fuel (oil) Danger of oil spills and gas leaks which can cause major
Electricity produced is reliable (oil) damage to wildlife and vegetation
Cleanest when burnt (gas) Burning them releases greenhouse gases
Produces 70% less fossil fuels than other fossil Sulphur is released when burnt which can produce acid
fuels (gas) rain
Doesn't leave residue when burnt (gas) Oil isn't clean when burnt
Non-toxic and not poisonous (gas) Location oil reserves is extremely costly
Inexpensive compared to coal (gas) Products of oil are highly toxic
Nuclear energy Emits low levels of carbon dioxide Safety is a major issue
Technology is readily available Chernobyl 1986
Recyclable Possible to generate high amounts of energy from Nuclear waste remains radioactive for thousands of
one plant years
Difficult to process and store
Hydro-electric power One dam is produced electricity can be produced Large area of land required behind the factory to flood
at a constant rate the dams
renewable Dams designed to lasts many decades so can Vegetation drowned ­ methane and co2 released
produce energy for a long time Silt from upstream deposits in new lakes rather than
Energy can be stored until needed agricultural land ­ farmers may have to use harmful
The lake produced behind the dam can be used for chemical fertilizers instead
recreational uses such as water sports Danger of dam collapse
Dams expensive to build
Geothermal energy No waste products which are harmful to the Large-scale so is refined to using volcanic areas
environment Risk of volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and emissions of
renewable No consumption of fossil fuels sulphuric gases
There is little maintenance to contend with

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Power plants don't have to be massive
Wind power Natural energy source, no pollution produced Wind turbines can be physically unappealing in the
Abundant energy source and it is free landscape
Renewable Can help power small remote communities Noise pollution
Domestic turbines can be installed to power Can have negative effects on wildlife e.g.…read more


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