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The UK and energy
Energy security…read more

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The UK and energy…read more

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Nuclear power and public perceptions
· All but one of the UK's current nuclear
power stations are due to close by 2023
· In 2008 the Labour government
announced plans to build a new
generation of nuclear power stations to
replace the existing ones and improve
Britain's energy security.
· However many British people are
concerned about nuclear power.
· In 2008, Friends of the Earth opposed
the British Government's plans by
arguing that:…read more

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Nuclear power and public perceptions
· Britain can meet its energy needs through a
programme of renewable energy, CHP, energy
efficiency and clear carbon technology
· Nuclear power is expensive dangerous and leaves
radioactive waste for thousands of years.
· Building new nuclear power stations will undermine
the development of more-efficient renewable
energy technology by steering investment away
from it.…read more

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Physical factors
· Physical factors determine the
distribution of energy resources, their
access and their generation.
· Geology: Shallower reserves have been
exhausted, alternative reserves include
some at great depth and others in
environmentally sensitive areas. The UK'
s oil, gas and coal reserves have all
peaked and now has to import energy…read more

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Physical factors
· Location: UK is located
between the Atlantic Ocean
and the North Sea and ahs
some of the best wind, wave
and tidal resources in the
world. River Severn has the
2nd highest tidal range in the
world. A barrage to harness
tidal power could meet
around 5% of England and
Wales' current electricity
demand. However its argued
that the environmental
consequences could be
disastrous.…read more

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