Energy Rich vs Energy Poor-CASE STUDY

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UK (MEDC)-energy rich Mali (LEDC)-energy poor
Current sources Gas-42% Firewood, dung, etc
Renewables are being
increasingly developed.
Resources Oil & Gas-More than No fossil fuels-relies on
90% of Britain's gas imports but this is VERY
comes from the North expensive for an LEDC.
Sea. Oil reached peak Some biofuels meet
production in the 90s energy demands; in
and has fallen 30% rural areas, 80% of
since then to only 1.2 energy needs are
million barrels a day. supplied by firewood
Coal has declined-the and charcoal. This has
best seams have been resulted in the loss of
used up. The UK now national forest
imports 60%. The UK is reserves.
looking into clean coal Kerosene lamps,
technology to reduce torches and
emissions. rechargeable car
9/12 nuclear plants batteries are used for
scheduled to close by lighting-a small minority
2020. have a generator/solar
Unreliable climate is a panels.
problem for Reliance on
renewables. animal/human power
Small-scale HEP has (ploughing).
been explored in
Scotland, but at the
moment, the UK only
generates about 0.8
percent of its
electricity from HEP.
Trends Demand is slowing due to Demand rising rapidly due to
greater efficiency. Increasingly population growth and
importing energy (75% now). urbanisation. Firewood is
Coal and nuclear will close. running out. There is a rising
North Sea oil and gas are energy import bill, meaning
depleting. Increasing less money can be spent for
renewables, especially wind development. The cost of
power. energy is rising.
Future Government has set a target of National Domestic Energy
10% from renewable by 2010 Strategy; focus on renewable,

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The UK is likely to improve energy efficiency.
develop new range of nuclear
plants in the future to increase
energy efficiency.…read more


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