Energy Impacts-Norway vs Nigeria. Benefits & Problems-CASE STUDY

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Norway-Benefits Nigeria-Problems
Background 4.5 million people. 7th largest 130 million people. 6th largest
oil producer and 3rd largest oil exporter.
Reserves All oil and gas offshore. In delta and offshore, 159 small
850 hydro plants generate oil fields. Reserves are being
99% of electricity. exhausted.
Environmental Minimal impact due to Largest mangrove
strict control, forest destroyed by
inspections, etc. pollution, land
Potential to damage clearance, etc.
marine ecosystem and Flaring of gas causes
fishing industry. acid rain.
Tanker movement has
increased coastal
Water/air pollution.
Economic Energy accounts for Energy accounts for
33% of export 90% of export
earnings. earnings.
80,000 are directly Many jobs go
employed. foreigners as skilled.
250,000 in indirect oil Dominated by 5 TNCs
jobs. eg Shell.
Boosted technological No longer
development. self-sufficient in food
Attracted heavy power as focused on oil.
using industries. Imports the bulk of its
Has a renewable fuel as refineries
energy programme oil/inefficient.
Increased import of
luxury goods.
Social Oil revenue used to Little trickling down of
boost welfare wealth.
system very high Over 20 ethnic groups
standards of living. in area-fight over lack
High spending in rural of oil wealth.
areas has reduced rural
Political Invested oil revenue Corruption siphons off
abroad-$150 billion. 70% of oil revenue.
Ownership of the Nationalised oil
seabed issues. industry on 1971.

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Little preparation for
Rebel groups attack
pipelines and kidnap
workers.…read more


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