Energy Continuum and Recovery A2 OCR

Revision pack for the Energy continuum and recovery for A2 OCR.

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Energy Continuum
Show how energy systems interact to produce energy for the resynthesis of ATP.
Duration = 10 seconds
Intensity= High 85-100% of VO2 max
Duration= 10 seconds- 3 minutes
Intensity= 70-85% of VO2 max
Duration= 3 minutes to 3 hours
Intensity= <70% of VO2 max
Factors affecting the energy system used
1. Intensity & Duration (As covered)
2. Energy system thresholds
3. O2 transport and supply
4. Fuel/Food availability
5. Enzyme activation level
6. Fitness level

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Intensity and Duration
(Refer to 1st page) When exercise is anaerobic (high intensity, short duration) then the ATP/PC systems and the LA
systems will be used, whereas if intensity is aerobic (medium/low intensity, long duration) the aerobic system will be
When exercise intensity reaches a point that the aerobic system cannot supply energy quick enough, it has to use the
LA system to provide energy for ATP resynthesis. In higher intensity exercise, this will increase lactate production
above resting levels (lactate threshold).…read more

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Recovery (to pre-exercise state)
Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)
This is the elevated respiration and heart rate we see after exercise and during recovery. Previously term `Oxygen Debt'. EPOC
is split into two stages of recovery; alactacid and Lactacid.
Alactacid (2-3 mins)
This is the restoration of PC stores, as the elevated respiration helps to resynthesis the muscles stores of PC and ATP. It also
helps to replenish stores of myoglobin (stores oxygen) and haemoglobin.…read more


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