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Energy Continuum
Show how energy systems interact to produce energy for the resynthesis of ATP.



Duration = 10 seconds

Intensity= High 85-100% of VO2 max


Duration= 10 seconds- 3 minutes

Intensity= 70-85% of VO2 max


Duration= 3 minutes to 3 hours

Intensity= <70% of VO2 max…

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Intensity and Duration

(Refer to 1st page) When exercise is anaerobic (high intensity, short duration) then the ATP/PC systems and the LA
systems will be used, whereas if intensity is aerobic (medium/low intensity, long duration) the aerobic system will be

When exercise intensity reaches a point that the aerobic…

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Recovery (to pre-exercise state)

Excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC)
This is the elevated respiration and heart rate we see after exercise and during recovery. Previously term `Oxygen Debt'. EPOC
is split into two stages of recovery; alactacid and Lactacid.

Alactacid (2-3 mins)

This is the restoration of PC stores, as…


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