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Energy Changes In
Chemical Reactions…read more

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When chemical
reactions take
place bonds are
broken and made…read more

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Exothermic Reactions
· Exothermic ­ transfer energy to
· The energy heats up surroundings
so temperature increases
· Exothermic reactions include:
Combustion (Burning Fuels) Ho
Oxidation (Respiration)
Neutralisation (Acids and Bases)
· In exothermic reactions products
have less enthalpy than reactants
= negative enthalpy change…read more

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Endothermic Reactions
· Endothermic ­ take in energy from
· Most cause a decrease in
temperature, some require a supply
of energy
· Endothermic reactions include:
Thermal Decomposition
· In endothermic reactions products
have more enthalpy than reactants
= positive enthalpy change…read more

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Using Energy Transfers
· Exothermic reactions used to
heat things:
Hand warmers ­ some are reusable
and some are not
· Endothermic reactions used to
cool things:
Cold packs ­ kept separated when
mixed take in energy from
surroundings. Used on sports
injuries…read more

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Energy and Reversible
Forward and reverse reactions
involve equal but opposite
energy transfers
Amount of energy Exothermic in
released by the one direction
endothermic but
reaction is equal to
amount taken in by endothermic in
endothermic the other…read more

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