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9I Summary Sheets
Energy and electricity
Nothing would happen without energy. Energy is needed to:
· keep our bodies working
· make machines work
· heat homes, schools and offices.

Energies in action
· heat energy
· light energy
· sound energy
· electrical energy
· kinetic (movement)…

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9I Summary Sheets (continued)

Energy cannot be made or destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to I
another. This is the law of conservation of energy.

A circuit must have a cell or power supply to provide a voltage. The voltage pushes
the electrons around…

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9I Summary Sheets (continued)

I Electricity can be generated from renewable resources such as wind and moving
water. These will become more important as fossil fuels run out.

Sometimes we need a source of portable electricity when we are not close to the
mains. This can be supplied by…


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