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Summary of Energy and Electricity 

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9I Summary Sheets
Energy and electricity
Nothing would happen without energy. Energy is needed to:
· keep our bodies working
· make machines work
· heat homes, schools and offices.
Energies in action
· heat energy
· light energy
· sound energy
· electrical energy
· kinetic (movement) energy.
Stored energy
Some energy has to be stored so that it is ready for use when we need it.
· Chemical energy is stored in food, fuels and cells.
· Gravitational potential energy is stored in high up things.
· Strain energy is stored in stretched or squashed things.
· Nuclear energy is stored inside atoms.
How is energy measured?
Energy is measured in joules (J) or kilojoules (kJ). A kilojoule is 1000 joules.
Energy changes
Energy needs to be changed to be useful.
cell cell
chemical is changed to
electrical is changed to
energy energy energy
An energy flow diagram.
in the cells in the wires in the bulb
and bulb
Many energy changes take place in everyday life. Often wasted energy is produced in
the forms of heat or sound.
A car engine produces
kinetic energy, which is
useful. It also produces
heat and sound.
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I Summary Sheets (continued)
Energy cannot be made or destroyed, but can only be changed from one form to I
another. This is the law of conservation of energy.
A circuit must have a cell or power supply to provide a voltage. The voltage pushes
the electrons around the circuit and gives them energy. This electrical energy is
transferred to other components in the circuit, which convert it to other forms of
energy.…read more

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I Summary Sheets (continued)
I Electricity can be generated from renewable resources such as wind and moving
water. These will become more important as fossil fuels run out.
Sometimes we need a source of portable electricity when we are not close to the
mains. This can be supplied by cells (sometimes called batteries). These store
chemical energy which can be changed to electrical energy. Cells go flat when they
run out of chemical energy. Some cells can be recharged.…read more


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