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Example questions
Charge (C) Current (A) Time (s)
5 2
0.4 1
20 0.5
50 250
3 60
1) A circuit is switched on for 30s with a current of 3A. How much
charge flowed?
2) During electrolysis 6A was passed through some copper chloride
and a charge of 1200C flowed. How long was the experiment on
3) A bed lamp is switched on for 10 minutes. It works on a current of
0.5A. How much charge flowed?…read more

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Energy and charge
The amount of energy that flows in a circuit will depend on
the amount of charge carried by the electrons and the
voltage pushing the charge around:
Energy transferred = charge x voltage
(in J) (in C) (in V)
V Q…read more


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