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Employment Laws
A Level Business Studies…read more

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Employment legislation
Has two main categories:-
· Individual Employment- law which aim to ensure
employers and employees act fairly when dealing
with each other.
· Collective Labour- law which aim to control
industrial relations and trade union activity.…read more

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Individual Employment Law
Relates to the rights and obligations of individual
employees. Increasing influence of the EU has caused
a considerable increase in the amount of induvial
labour laws, in the last 30 years.
Major Acts include:-
· Equal Pay Act 1970 ­ both sexes treated equally re:
· Sex Discrimination Act, 1974 ­ cant discriminate on
grounds of sex or marital status
· Race Relations Act, 1976 - cant discriminate in
relation to colour, race, nationality or ethnic origin
· Disability Discrimination Act, 1994 ­ cant
discriminate due to disability
· Working Time Regulations, 1998 ­ this sets a limit…read more

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Equality Act 2010
· Recruitment procedures must not discriminate against:
o Sex + Sexual orientation
o Ethnic minorities
o Age
o Religion
o Disability
· Equal opportunities:
o Women and men paid the same for the same job
with the same employer
o Same pay for work of equal value…read more

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Collective Labour Law
Looks at the operation of trade unions, industrial relations
and collective bargaining:
Major acts included:-
· Employment Act 2002/2008
· Employment Relations Act, 1999/2004 ­ increased
employee rights in relation to union membership.
· Employment Tribunals ­ informal courtrooms where
legal disputes between employees and employers can be
settled.…read more

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Employment Act 2002
· Against unfair dismissal. Can only be dismissed if
incapable of doing job:
o Incompetent
o Gross misconduct
· Only made redundant if their job no longer exists:
o Drop in demand/automation
o Cannot re-advertise redundant jobs
· Unfairly dismissed appeal to an employment tribunal
o Award compensation or reinstate employee…read more

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