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A basic fact sheet on Emily Dickinson - could influence ideas on context in her poetry.

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Emily Dickinson
Dickinson was born in Amherst, Massachusetts, on
10th December 1830.
She died, aged 55, on 15th May 1886.
Only seven of Dickinson's poems were published
during her lifetime ­ most of them anonymously and
against her will.
After her death, Dickinson's sister found over 1,000
poems in her Bureau.
All 1,800 of Dickinson's poems weren't completely
published until 1955.
She had a unique style of writing that is known for
its extensive use of dashes and unconventional
She avoided pentameter in her works, opting instead
for trimeter, tetrameter and, less often, dimeter.
Often, her use of these meters is irregular.
Because of the variety of themes in Dickinson's
works, they do not fit into one particular genre.
From the 1850s onwards, Dickinson withdrew away
from life and stayed at home, initially to tend to her
bedridden mother, but later for unknown reasons.


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