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Napkin PC · The phone ring.
This Napkin PC is a state of the art Created by Siemens this innovative design will
personal computer, letting you jot change the way people talk forever! The pink ring
ideas down wherever the user is, it on the thumb acts as the earpiece, whilst the yellow
uses single layer flexible circuit ring which fits half way down the little finger acts
board, as the screen, and a short is where the user speaks into. The two rings are
range radio frequency pen that connected via Bluetooth via a handset connecting
allows you to write on the screen. all three pieces together.
· Biologic free recharger
· Nokia Erdos phone Dahon will introduce the BioLogic FreeCharge, a
This new Nokia phone will be out device that connects to any dyno hub on the market
for Christmas, its party piece is the to charge your iPod, iPhone, GPS unit, or other
new " rising keyboard". The casing is small electronic item through a USB port. The
a tough but light weight aluminium, BioLogic FreeCharge siphons off juice from your
with a 5 mega pixel camera. generator hub into a high-capacity battery, which in
· Solar panel roads turn supplies steady current to your electro widget.
Thus the FreeCharge protects your electronics from
Turns roads into giant electricity-
the wildly variable output of the dyno hub. The
generating solar panels. It can provide
FreeCharge uses a silicon casing to secure the unit
energy to homes, street lighting and so
to the bike and provide sealing to the charger.
on. To add to this the roads could contain
thousands of embedded LEDS to provide
better street signage and make overall
driving safer.…read more

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Wireless energy transfer. · Dustbot
Resonant energy transfer is the A group of European companies and universities
short-distance wireless have collaborated to produce a series of
transmission of energy between multifunctional robots for urban hygiene tasks. With
two devices using highly resonant abilities ranging from door-to-door garbage pickup and
magnetic coils. transportation, to automated street cleaning, the
DUSTBOTs recently demonstrated their skills at a
· The orange eco tent.
station in the town of Atxuri, Portugal. Registered
Orange have created a tent which is users simply need to call an assistance number that
powered by solar energy. Trusty will tell them what time the robot will be at their door
festival goers need to keep in touch to pick up the garbage. Once the machine has reached
with friends and have all the mod its destination, users can then interact through a touch
cons you would expect whilst away screen to select the appropriate type of garbage and
(including wi-fi and a heated give it to the robot, which will transport it and deposit
groundsheet!) it at the nearest discharge point.
· The wii bowling ball
While the Wii-mote is definitely easy to use, its remote control form factor lends itself to some games
more readily than others. Tennis, yes. Ten pin bowling, not so much. But the Bowling Ball for Wii
controller from CTA Digital means bowlers will no longer be able to blame the controller for not picking
up that spare when lining up the pins on the Wii. Fashioned after an authentic bowling ball, the controller
splits in half so you can place the Wii-mote inside ­ there's even room for a Wii Motion Plus adapter if
you have one. Then close the ball, attach the wrist strap, insert your fingers into the three finger holes,
and you're ready to bowl. CTA Digital is at pains to highlight the importance of attaching the wrist strap
as they won't be liable for any damage if you do what comes naturally and accidentally release the ball.…read more


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