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Discuss the economic and social challenges facing RURAL communities in China (25)

Introduction China

The change in the organisation of agriculture and rural economic activities
The rural economy was the first sector to be improved because low agricultural productivity posed
problems of food security for China. In 1949, all land…

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Land Reform
Issues of land Reform and land ownership continue to beset much of China. Before the
Communist Revolution in 1949 most land had been held by corrupt and absentee war lords. In
1949 all land came into communal ownership under the guidance of the state. As private
enterprise was…

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education and health facilities are poor, particularly for an aspiring superpower like China.
Villagers often lack any form of social safetynet such as pension of health insurance.

In conclusion, TVE's, migration and the reform of social welfare have all contributed to the
creation of economic and social challenges that face…


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