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The fire services have their own fire station.
They put out fires and help people trapped in fires and help
them get to safety.
The uniform they wear is Black with yellow strips
Before going to save someone trapped in fire they wear a gas
mask so they don't breathe the gas in.
You should never make a hoax call or commit arson both that
is illegal.…read more

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The police Service are trained to help people and punish
others who commit crimes.
· The people who commit crimes can be punished as doing
community service or if it is serious then sent to prison.
· If you have committed a crime and are 10 years old or over
you could be arrested.
· But if you are under the age of 10 you will get a warning.
· The Police also help you if you get lost.
· The police are very friendly.…read more

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Paramedics are nurses and doctors who make people better
· If someone is in an accident they will come to take you to the
hospital and make you better.
· If you are really ill you can be able to go hospital.…read more

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