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Elizabethan England
Individuals…read more

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Sir Francis Drake
· First Englishman to circumnavigate the globe
· Vice admiral of the fleet against the Armada
· Feared by the Spanish
· Respected by his men and was fair to them
· Knighted onboard the Golden Hind…read more

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John Hawkins
· Led 2 successful slave expeditions to Africa and
sold them in America
· On the third expeditions he was attacked by the
· After this, the English attacked the Spanish ships
· He was vice admiral of the fleet against the
· He was Drake's cousin…read more

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Lord Howard of Effingham
· Admiral of the fleet against the Armada
· He was a nobleman with little experience of
· Drake and Hawkins were effectively in charge.…read more

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Thomas Doughty
· Executed by Drake for mutiny during
· He probably suggested they head back to
· Close friends with Drake
· He recognised that he had to be executed…read more

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Sir Walter Raleigh
· Led a failed expedition to find El Dorado
· Organised 2 expeditions to establish the colony
of Virginia
· The first settles came home after a year
· The second group disappeared. They had
probably died of disease or had been attacked by
Native Americans…read more

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Miss E


This is a different angle from many of the other resources and a really good idea to focus on getting information about key individuals straight in your mind. To improve it add exam questions where you would need to explain these people and their impact.

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