Elizabeth i: Religion timetable

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Religion Timeline
1534 Henry VIII became Head of the Church
1536 The Ten Articles introduced some Lutheran doctrines
1539 The Great Bible in English circulated to parishes
The Six Articles restored full Catholic doctrine
1547 Henry VIII dies, Edward VI proclaimed King
Repeal of the Act of Six Articles
Act for the Dissolution of the Chantries
1548 (December) First Book of Common Prayer: changes the Church service from Latin to English
1549 Act of Uniformity: The clergy are ordered to remove icons and statues of the saints, and
whitewash over wall paintings
1552 Second Book of Common Prayer (introduced some Calvinist doctrines)
Second Act of Uniformity
1553 Edward VI dies; Mary I proclaimed Queen (following Edward's Devise - LJG)
Catholic Mass re-introduced
1554 Cardinal Pole returned to England as Papal Legate
England and Rome reconciled
Re-introduction of the heresy laws
1555 Bishops Ridley and Latimer burned at the stake
1556 Archbishop Cranmer burned at the stake
1558 Death of Mary I and Cardinal Pole
1559 Acts of Supremacy and Uniformity
Book of Common Prayer
Injunctions and Visitations
Act of Exchange
1563 Parker's Thirty-Nine Articles

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Parker's Advertisements and the Vestiarian controversy
1570 Cartwright's pro-Presbyterian lectures
1571 Thirty-Nine Articles given Parliamentary approval
`Alphabet' bills
1572 John Field's Admonition to the Parliament
St Bartholomew's Day massacre
1575 Edmund Grindal made Archbishop of Canterbury
1576 Grindal refused Elizabeth's instruction to suppress prophesyings
1577 Grindal suspended as Archbishop of Canterbury
1582 Robert Browne published the Separatist Treatise of Reformation without tarrying for any
1583 Death of Grindal
John Whitgift appointed Archbishop of Canterbury
Three Articles
1584 Turner's pro-Presbyterian bill
1587 Cope's pro-Presbyterian bill
1588…read more


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