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ELIZABETH 1558 ­ 1588
The Religious Settlement 1559
She had first established her Privvy Council, which was mainly made up of Protestants
such as Cecil.

She wanted to revive the royal supremacy over the church and reintroduce the Book of
Common Prayer

There was the potential of Protestants using…

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However, many of her bishops were too distracted by debts caused by Elizabeth's Act
of Exchange, so they were not always helping to establish her religious settlement and
focus on their ministerial duties

Bishops did, though, ensure that the mass and Catholic ceremonies were replaced by
the LITERGY ­ the…

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Presbyterians had formed a CLASSIS, which were Presbyterian meetings which grew
particularly in London and Cambridge

BUT even though the movement had some growth, by 1588 it had failed due to an
aggressive campaign by the Church authorities against it. It wasn't too threatening as
it was only supported by…

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The Revolt of the Northern Earls was held together by religion, aiming to put catholic
mary as successor. But this failed as the leaders had no clear plan and didn't get the
support necessary from Phillip of Spain

Pope V in 1570s issued a Bull to have Elizabeth Excommunicated and…


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