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1571- 1588…read more

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Domestic Policy
· 1572- called for execution of Norfolk and Mary debarred
from succession- fear after the Northern Rebellion and
papal excommunication.
· 1576- subsidy granted for future threats, religious reform
denied- immoveable, had achieved the settlement she was
happy with- church was not half-reformed.
· 1581- anti-catholic laws strengthened, act to retain her
majesty's subjects in their due obedience- treason to
withdraw allegiance to the queen and state.
· 1584- act for surety of the queen- bond of association. Act
against Jesuits and Seminary Priests- treason to enter the
realm under the authority of the pope.
· 1587- debate on execution of Mary, attempt at
Presbyterian reform- mps arrested.…read more

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Foreign Policy
· Treaty of Blois- result of marriage negotiations, a
defensive league against the Spanish- Guy. France
abandoned support for Mary.
· St Bartholomew's day massacre- thousands of
French protestants slaughtered- strategic
necessity caused by deteriorating relationship
with Spain forced into continuing good relations
despite their repulsion at the massacre.
· 1581- Walsingham sent to France with the offer
of a Anglo-French league and aid for expedition to
Netherlands.…read more

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· Netherlands- covert help- allowed to recruit soldiers to
rebels services but tried to stop them being recruited
to the duke of Alba's services.
· 1572- expulsion of Sea Beggars from English ports-
Brielle- full scale revolt against the oppression policies
and high taxation of the duke of alba.
· 1577- Spanish returned- told Dutch-estate general
that she would give them 100,000 and military aid
should the French invade.
· 1585- Treaty of Nonsuch- defence against the treaty of
Joinville- Catholic league and Philip. Dutch rebels and
English- openly helped.…read more

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· Spanish launched new military offensive in the
Netherlands- French aid or Spanish would be entirely
· 1576 Spanish fury led to the Pacification of Ghent-
called for Spanish expulsion.
· Annexation of Portugal 1580.
· Elizabeth supported Don Antonio, knighted Francis
Drake and ill-treatment of the Spanish ambassador.
· by 1571 Philip was supporting plots in England and
instructed Alva (Governor of Netherlands) to send
10,000 troops to support Ridolfi plot…read more

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· The Treaty of Berwick formalized a mutual
defence pact between England and Scotland
(a secret appendix granted James VI a pension
of £4,000 per annum).…read more

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