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Elements Of Life Revision Notes

Elements of Life

All elements are made up from atoms. Atoms are made up of protons, neutrons and
electrons. There are the same number of electrons as there are protons.
The mass number tells you the total number of protons and neutrons, whereas the atomic…

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Elements Of Life Revision Notes

Radioactive Isotopes can be used as tracers. An isotope with a long half-life is too dangerous
as the patient is exposed to radiation for a long time, and a short half-life is too inconvenient
as there is not enough time for the tracer to make…

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Elements Of Life Revision Notes

Ionic bonding is where electrons are transferred from one atom to another so that each atom
has a full outer shell. The atoms either lose or gain electrons, and this becomes ions.
Ionic crystals are giant lattices of ions. The structure is giant because it's…

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Elements Of Life Revision Notes

6 0 Octahedral 90

3 1 Trigonal Pyramidal 109

2 2 Bent 120

Mendeleev arranged the periodic table in order of proton number and left gaps for unknown
elements; he then predicted the properties of these unknown elements and was correct
when they were discovered.…


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