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AQA Chemistry Module 3…read more

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Elements and Atoms
History of the Periodic Table
The Modern Periodic Table
Group 1 ­ The Alkali Metals
Group 7 ­ The Halogens
Transition Elements…read more

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Elements and Atoms
An element
A simple substance made up of only one
type of atom
An atom
The smallest part of an element that can
take part in a chemical reaction…read more

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History of The Periodic Table
Early 1800s
Categorised elements by physical and chemical properties or their relative
atomic mass.
1864 ­ Newlands
Ordered elements in order of their masses.
Saw that every eighth element had similar properties Newlands' Law of
This only worked up to CALCIUM.
Disregarded as:
­ His groups contained elements that didn't have similar properties; e.g.
carbon and titanium.
­ He mixed up metals and non-metals; e.g. oxygen and iron.
­ He hadn't left gaps for undiscovered elements.…read more

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History of The Periodic Table Cont.
1869 ­ Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev
Arranged the elements into his Table of
Elements ­ leaving gaps.
Elements were arranged in order of
atomic mass but spaces were left to keep
similar properties in the same vertical
Scientists didn't accept it as there wasn't
evidence to suggest this was correct.
These gaps were filled when new
elements were found later on ­ evidence
in favour of the periodic table.
Scientists accepted the periodic table
because of the new elements.
The Modern Periodic Table is modelled on
Mendeleev's.…read more

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The Modern Periodic Table
The Periodic Table arranges the elements
in order of atomic number.
Elements with similar properties line up in
vertical columns. These vertical columns
are called groups.
A horizontal row across the periodic table
is called a period.…read more

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