Electron structure C2 AQA

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Electron Shells
There are 5 rules that you must know about the arrangement of electrons:
1. Electrons always occupy shells
2. The inner circle of the atom should only contain 2 elements
3. After the first circle the rest of the rings should have a maximum of 8
4. Atoms are much happier when they have a full outer shell. In the
periodic table, the only group that has a full outer shell is the noble
gases in group 0.
5. In most atoms the outer shell isn't full, so they want to react.
We can also think of the rings that the electrons are on as energy levels this
helps for easier understanding of the basis of chemistry. Because if the rings
are called energy levels then it is easier to understand, that electrons in shells
further away from the nucleus have more energy than electrons in shells
closer to the nucleus.
Periodic table:
The horizontal rows on the periodic table are called periods. Going across
the table each element has one more electron in its outer shell. Then in each
new period a new energy level begins to fill with electrons. The vertical
columns are known as groups.
The chemical properties of an element, depends on how many electrons it
So the way an element reacts is determined by the number of electrons in its
outer shell.
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