Electromagnetic Spectrum Complete Summary

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Electromagnetic Spectrum
The only special thing about light is that our eyes can detect it. However, it is just
a tiny part of a collection of electromagnetic waves that make up the
electromagnetic spectrum.
They all have things in common. In a vacuum, they all travel at the same speed -
the speed of light - which is 3 × 108 m/s.
They are all transverse waves, with the oscillations being electric and magnetic
fields. Like all waves, they can be reflected, refracted and diffracted.
You need to know the order of waves in the electromagnetic spectrum! Don't
There are many ways of learning it, but amongst the best are these little sayings,
matching the waves in order of decreasing wavelength or increasing frequency:
Real Radio Randy
Men Microwave Men
Inevitably Infra Red Inject
Visit Visible Viagra
Ugly Until
eX X rays eXplosive
Girlfriends Gamma Growth
How about this one instead?
Rachel Makes Interesting Vegetarian Underwear eXcept G-strings.
Remember also that it's the high frequency waves that are the most dangerous.
It's possible that you need to know the order of waves in the electromagnetic
spectrum the other way round! Again: Don't panic.
Here are two ways of learning it (thanks Alex Uribe!), matching the waves in order of
increasing wavelength or decreasing frequency:
Girls Gamma Great
eXpect X rays
Ugly Ultra Violet Usually
Veils Visible Verge
In Infra Red Into
Marriage Microwave Multiple
Rituals Radio Realities
Remember also that it's the high frequency waves that are the most dangerous.
Radio Waves
These are the longest of all the electro-magnetic waves, and are used in
telecommunications (radio and TV broadcasts, as well as portable phones and walkie
Some TV sets have aerials on top:
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Some radio waves come through the earth's atmosphere from space. Astronomers
look at these waves using giant radio telescopes.
The advantage of radio astronomy is that you can do it during the day, at night, and
even when it's cloudy!
Go to even longer wavelengths than infra-red, and we come to microwaves. These
are really just very short radio waves, but are made in a slightly different way.
Microwaves are very useful in communications.…read more

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