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Magnetic Flux ()- Magnetic flux density x area
perpendicular to the flux (=BA) Magnetic Flux linkage- Magnetic flux x the
number of turns of a coil
Weber- 1Wb is the magnetic flux when a
magnetic flux density of 1T passes through an
area of 1m^2 at right angles to the flux
Ac generator - converts kinetic energy to electrical
energy by inducing a electrical current by rotating a
coil in a magnetic field. The output voltage and
current change direction every half rotation of the coil
Faraday's Law- The emf induced is equal producing an alternating current.
to the rate of change of magnetic flux
Transformer- Consist of 2 coils of wire wrapped around an
iron core. An alternating current flows through the primary
(input) coil, producing a magnetic flux in the iron core. The
magnetic field is passed through to the second coil where it
induces an AC of the same frequency. The ratio of number
of coils determines the size of the voltage induced in the
second coil. More turns = higher voltage.
Step up- more coils on secondary
Lenz's Law- The induced e.m.f is always in such Step down- less coils on the secondary
a direction as to oppose the change that caused
Induced e.m.f = - rate of change of flux linkage


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