Electricity: The basics

A very brief way of introducing the topic of electricity and how its transported

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In our daily lives we rely heavily on electricity, in our lights and in game
consoles and TVs and more, but where does the power that supplies
us come from? Well, the answer is that it comes from nature. For
instance when you have a wind turbine, as it spins, the kinetic energy
is transferred into electric energy. This is just an example. There is
also lightning, which strikes electricity, scientists debate over how
lightning is formed, they believe that ice causes particles to discharge
positive and negative charges.
We use batteries many a time to power our home gadgets but do you
really know the inside and the workings of a simple Duracell battery. A
battery works with chemical reactions, a battery has two terminals
called and . The battery sends electrons from the negative to
positive as fast as it can. This is a diagram to help.
Electricity can be moved via pylons. This is how electricity and power
is moved around to your house.


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