Electric Fields Summary

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Electric fields act around charged objects.
Electric field strength (E) = Force (F)/ Charge (q)
E= Q/4 0r2
Coulomb's Law F=Qq / 4 0r2
in a radial field
F 1/r2
E 1/r2
Field strength is constant in a uniform field (parallel plates)
E=Voltage/ distance
Gravitational and Electric Fields
Similarities Differences
They are both to do with action at a An electric field is created by charge
distance but a gravitational field by mass
Their field strengths both obey an Electric fields can be attractive or
inverse square law with distance repulsive, gravitational fields are
always attractive
A point mass and a point charge Objects can be shielded from an
produce radial fields electric field
The field strength is defined as force Electric fields only act on charged
per unit mass/positive charge masses, gravitational on all masses


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