Electric Fields

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Electric Fields
An electric field is a region of space in which a charged particle feels a force
An electric field can act between two charged plates: in this case the electric
field strength will be uniform or it can act on a point charge in this case the
electric field strength would be described as radial therefore the further you
move away from the charge the weaker the field strength
To work out the electric field strength you can use the equation
e=voltage/distance or e=force/charge
Like charges repel and unlike charges attract.
If an object carrying a charge was placed in to an electric field it would feel a
Molecules and atoms in matter contain protons and electron which both carry
charge electron= negative and proton=positive however most matter has an
equal number of positive and negative charge there it cancels out so it is
electrically neutral
When a comb is charged up by rubbing against another object and then placed
next to a pile of paper the paper experiences a force this is an electrostatic
Electric field is both attractive and repulsive
When the electric field between to plates is said to be constant it means that
when a charged particle is placed in this field it will experience a force and this
force will be the same anywhere in the field.
Investigating an electric field between two plates:
Set up to plates parallel to each other in a shallow solution of copper sulphate
and connect a probe to the negative terminal of a power supply via a digital
voltmeter. When the switch is closed it will generate and electric field
between the two plates then move the probe around between the plates will
generate and voltage. If the probe is moved along the same horizontal line the

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The work done in moving a charge object in an electric field is W=QV
A dipole consists of two equal but opposite charges separated by a distance d.
therefore when placed in an electric field both charges will experience a force
in opposite directions this means that the resultant force is 0 causing a
swinging effect until it lines up with the electric field.
Microwave oven
Operates by generating an electric field that reverse in direction several billion
times per second.…read more


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