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Chapter 9 ­ Electric Current
Making a Current:
In this circuit, the direction of the current is from the positive terminal of
the cell, around the circuit to the negative terminal. This a scientific
convention referred to as conventional current.

A wire is made of metal. Inside a metal, there…

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The amount of charge flowing past a point is given by the following relationship:

Q = I t

Charged Particles:
Electrons are charged particles. They have a tiny negative charge of approximately -1.6 x 10-19 C. this charge
is represented by ­e. The magnitude of the charge is known as…

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The figure shows a length of wire, cross-sectional area A, along which there is current I.

I = Anev

v = mean drift velocity of the electrons
e = elementary charge
A = cross-sectional area
I = current

Slow Flow:
The conduction electrons are free to move around inside the…


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