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Are pressure groups good or bad for democracy ­ Or undermine or weaken ­ 2014, 2010,
2012, 2009
Pressure groups are an association of people which seek to influence public policy and decision
making...Democracy is the principle of government of the people, for the people and by the
people...currently in…

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To what extent is pressure group power in decline ­ `become more powerful/important/influential
etc.' ­ 2013, 2012, 2009
Pressure groups are an association of people which seek to influence public policy and decision
making...power is the ability to exert force or in terms of pressure groups ability to exert influence…

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and influence many political parties lack so over time may become powerful enough to influence
parties and elections and truly disperse power in the UK.

To what extent is the success of pressure groups a reflection of their level of
public support? ­ or money/size/status etc. - 2013, 2011

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success e.g ­ Age Concern don't strengths of their
have an opposition group. opposition.
In conclusion, the most important is still status as without government support then it's hard
for a PG to influence public policy and make changes. However it could be argued that insider
status can 'tie a…

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coordination, without the democratic mandate or authority granted to them by the
government they can't be successful, this is only the case for insider pressure groups.

To what extent do pressure groups promote political participation in the UK? ­ 2010
Participation refers to ways in which people can become involved…

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becoming a member of massively over the years while ideologies and pressure groups
Greenpeace who have 2.8 million pressure group cheque book are a medium for them to express
supporters means people are able membership has increased. For their opinions.
to directly participate and example the Conservative Party
influence environmental…

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system that delivers proportional are calculated , many feel disengaged disproportionality of FPTP with the
governments while still maintaining from the political process so may not fairness of PR, it helps small parties,
the constituency link delivered by respect final result. Coalitions may also though not very small ones, Voters…

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increase after the electoral system was Parliament , UKIP won 26% of the promotes political participation
changed votes (24 seats) in the UK.
PR systems lead to equal votes as PR systems breaks the link between Overall, PR systems do lead to
party leaders decide the order and voters and…

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there were two-party coalitions until attitude survey in 2003 showed an average disillusion voters and
2011 when AMS produced a majority for of a third of people didn't understand the lower participation
the SNP. system which in turn out figures being as low which then decreases
as 49% in some…

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parliamentary weakness. For example the Woodgreen Lynne Featherstone regularly ensures proportionality and
Blair government had majorities of 150+ had surgeries to listen to the views of her legitimacy can be used instead.
which allowed Blair to rule presidentially constituents.
and invade Iraq even without the consent
of the British public.…




I love this so much.
It has helped me to plan and answer the 25 mark questions that my teacher sets in class.
Because of this, I've been getting A's and B's in my essays. 


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