Elections and Pressure groups 25 mark essay plans

Includes up to date examples including some from this current general election !!

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Are pressure groups good or bad for democracy ­ Or undermine or weaken ­ 2014, 2010,
2012, 2009
Pressure groups are an association of people which seek to influence public policy and decision
making...Democracy is the principle of government of the people, for the people and by the
people...currently in the UK the growth of pressure group membership has increased
exponentially...this essay will assess argue that the growth of pressure is good for democracy
as it encourages participation and it helps minority groups who are shut out by the political
GOOD = Educate people about BAD = Existence of pressure Overall, GOOD as most
important issues ...leads to a groups may not lead to a PG's can be effective
better informed electorate. For better informed electorate as through other mediums
example the League against Cruel c ampaigns only really provide like emails, social media,
Sports educated people about one sided view. For example door to door
fox hunting. anti-EU pressure groups like campaigning so media
`Better out campaign' have doesn't limit influence.
more influence over the
electorate through mass media
outlets via Murdoch like
GOOD = They give a voice to BAD = Some PGs are not Overall, GOOD as
minority groups , who are often internally democratic ­ in without PG we would
ignored by mainstream politics some PGs, members do not have many individuals
For example SHELTER represent elect their leaders, and excluded from
the interests of homeless people therefore PG represent views society...leaders more
of their leaders . e.g ­ the likely to represent views
chairman of the FA is of pressure group than
appointed. chasing personal
GOOD = Allows for wider BAD = Preventing a Overall, GOOD as keep
participation outside elections. democratically elected Government in touch
For example through becoming a government from carrying out with public opinion
member of Greenpeace people its role by stopping the in-between elections-
are able to directly participate mandate upon which the Governments can make
and influence environmental government secured the a full decision with the
policy election. For example full knowledge of what
Anti-austerity pressure groups the public thinks.
campaigning in Trafalgar
Square against cuts to welfare
following the 2015 election
In conclusion, pressure groups enhance democracy because....A,B,C, however some may say as
they lack democratic legitimacy, their influence on government should be limited but PG
perform other functions like holding the government to account and scrutiny of the
government and legislation areas overlooked by most of the electorate.

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To what extent is pressure group power in decline ­ `become more powerful/important/influential
etc.' ­ 2013, 2012, 2009
Pressure groups are an association of people which seek to influence public policy and decision
making...power is the ability to exert force or in terms of pressure groups ability to exert influence on
the government. Currently in the UK pressure groups have been a part of the political scene for
decades and without doubt they play an important role in the political process.…read more

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To what extent is the success of pressure groups a reflection of their level of
public support? ­ or money/size/status etc. - 2013, 2011
Pressure groups are an association of people which seek to influence public policy and decision
making...Success in pressure groups is defined by how they affect government policy, their
agenda-setting power and how well they can change people's ideologies.…read more

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­ Age Concern don't strengths of their
have an opposition group. opposition.
In conclusion, the most important is still status as without government support then it's hard
for a PG to influence public policy and make changes. However it could be argued that insider
status can 'tie a group in red tape' and limits their ability to garner public success however this
doesn't necessarily limit their effectiveness compared to outsider pressure groups.…read more

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To what extent do pressure groups promote political participation in the UK? ­ 2010
Participation refers to ways in which people can become involved in political processes. Basic level is in
voting, either in elections or referendums. On a higher level people become politically active, either in
parties or in pressure groups. At the highest level people may seek to be elected or appointed to political
office.…read more

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Greenpeace who have 2.8 million pressure group cheque book are a medium for them to express
supporters means people are able membership has increased. For their opinions.
to directly participate and example the Conservative Party
influence environmental policy have 134,000 members, the
Labour party 190,000 and the
Liberal Democrat Party 44,000,
while UKIP have 39,000
members.…read more

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FPTP with the
governments while still maintaining from the political process so may not fairness of PR, it helps small parties,
the constituency link delivered by respect final result. Coalitions may also though not very small ones, Voters
FPTP. It reflects the will of the people compromise the legitimacy of the have 2 votes each which produces a
better as it is more democratic and government.…read more

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Parliament , UKIP won 26% of the promotes political participation
changed votes (24 seats) in the UK.…read more

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AMS produced a majority for of a third of people didn't understand the lower participation
the SNP. system which in turn out figures being as low which then decreases
as 49% in some elections. the legitimacy of the
STV is a proportional representation STV is a very complex system which makes Overall, STV leads to less
system which elects multiple MP's it very difficult to understand and if the wasted votes as multiple
through a proportional quota system.…read more

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For example the Woodgreen Lynne Featherstone regularly ensures proportionality and
Blair government had majorities of 150+ had surgeries to listen to the views of her legitimacy can be used instead.
which allowed Blair to rule presidentially constituents.
and invade Iraq even without the consent
of the British public.…read more



I love this so much.
It has helped me to plan and answer the 25 mark questions that my teacher sets in class.
Because of this, I've been getting A's and B's in my essays. 


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