Eisenhower's New Look

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This was the name for new President Eisenhower's (elected in
1952; took office in 1953) foreign policy. It had the same object
of Truman's approach: contain communism.
· US continued built up a global web of anti communist
· Military power was key
· Sending aid to resist communist insurgency in countries
· No attempt was to be made by force to recover territory that
was already communist
· An increased reliance on nuclear weapons
· In the event of a war with the USSR, nuclear weapons were
now regarded as first choice and not last resort- "Massive
· Believed that nuclear weapons would not only deter
communist aggression but also advance the goals of US
· "The ability to get to the verge without getting into war is the
necessary art. If you try to run away with it, if you are scared
of the brink, then you are lost"- Dulles- Secretary of State,
· Rejected the NSC 68 view of building up both conventional
and nuclear weapons- Eisenhower believed US could not
afford both
· This was to help to curb costs of containing Soviets- "More
bang for the buck"
· Increased use of covert operations- the CIA- eg Iran and
· Also preferred negotiation with both USSR and China
· Theory of nuclear deterrence
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NSC 61 and 62: These were national security agreements,
which reflected Eisenhower's desire for a "long haul"
appraoch- aka a constant threat of military retaliation, which
would be more in line with the ability of the US economy,
which differed from NSC 68 and "roll back" communism
· Funded money to fight against Communism (to France), and
later gave aid to South Vietnam, instead of directly involved
as may have been done before.…read more


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