Eight forms of energy.

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Joanne Pedder Physic Revision
Eight Forms of Energy
1. Electrical Energy
This is a very useful form of energy, because it's easily converted into other forms ­
wherever there's a current flowing, there's electrical energy.
2. Light Energy
Anything luminous gives off light energy, - things like the Sun, light bulbs and
candles... and glow worms.
3. Sound Energy
Anything noisy gives off sound energy, - thins like vocal chords, speakers and
4. Kinetic (Movement) Energy
Anything that moves has kinetic energy.
5. Thermal (Heat) Energy
Anything with a temperature above absolute zero (-273 degrees C) has heat energy ­
obviously, that means everything has some heat energy. The hotter something - is
the more heat energy it has.
6. Gravitational Positional Energy
Anything that is above the ground has potential energy, - i.e. anything that can fall,
like ski jumpers, aeroplanes and climbers.
7. Elastic Energy
Anything stretchy has elastic energy, - things like rubber bands, springs, knicker
elastic, etc.
8. Chemical Energy
Anything with stored energy which can be released by chemical reaction ­ things like
food, fuels and batteries.
Heat and Temperature and Different
Temperature is a measure of how hot something is ­ it's measured in degrees Celsius. Heat
is not the same thing. Heat is a form of energy and it's measured in joules, (J). Heat (energy)
flows between things that have different temperatures. Temperature isn't a form of energy
­ and temperature doesn't flow. When heat energy flows, then the temperature increases
or decreases.


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