Effects of hurricanes on humans case study of hurricane Mitch in Honduras 1998

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Global issues climatic hazards
Effects of hurricanes on humans- case study of hurricane Mitch in Honduras, 1998
Social- 3 year's worth of rain fell in 3 days, huge storm surges swept away
homes and people-killed 10,000, food shortages, 3 million made homeless.
Economic- $5 billion worth of damage and set back the economic growth by
20 years in an already poor country.
Environmental- floods and mudslides destroyed coastal wetlands.
Short term- disaster appeal raised $22 billion, international aid provided
fresh drinking water food and health care for survivors as well as material
to help with rebuilding.
Long term- land conservation to include reforestation, intensification
programs to make region more resilient to hazards, world bank made $200
million available
Mitch was very powerful: worst hurricane in 200 years 9sustained wind
speeds of 290kmph and gusts of up to 320kmph) combined with orographic
uplift in the mountains meant it produced a huge amount of rainfall
(2000mm fell which triggered landslides).
Mitch was to a large extent manmade: deforestation from commercial
logging, agriculture and mining in the mountains led to large mudslides.
Deforestation is also linked to population growth and poverty.
Population increase (5 fold): since 1990, increased the vulnerability of
Honduras to hurricanes.


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