Effects of Deforestation

Notes on the effects of deforestation.

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Effects of deforestation
· Native peoples
The number of people living in local tribes may decrease
· Soil erosion
There is no canopy to protect the soil from heavy rain or plant roots to hold it together,
so it washes away
· World climate change
Burning the rainforest releases CO2, which contributes to world climate change
The CO2 is no longer being taken out of the air by the trees
· Decrease in hardwood
Trees are not all of economic value and so they are destroyed to get to those that are
Some are becoming endangered, eg. mahogany and rosewood
· Soil fertility
More rain reaching the ground more nutrients washed out of the soil less fertile
· Ecosystem
The ecosystem is changed because large numbers of plants and animals are destroyed,
the habitat changes and some species become extinct
· Traditional culture
Native people may be forced off their land to make way for new developments, which
can destroy their traditional culture and way of life


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