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Aggression - NICHD
The National Institute of Child Health
Longitudinal Study
1000 participants from 10 different locations
Children and parents assessed at regular intervals
More time a child spends in daycare the more
disobedient, aggressive and assertive, Behavioural
Negative impact
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Aggression - Belsky
Looked at the same children at the end of their
primary education and still found a link between
daycare experience and increased aggressiveness.
This suggests that daycare has a negative social
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Sociability ­ Violata and Russell
88 studies
Regular daycare for more than 20 hours per week had
a negative effect on social and emotional
development of young children
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Sociability - EPPE
Effective Provision of Pre-School Education Project
3000 children in various pre-school education
settings in the UK
Found increased independence and sociability in
those children who attended daycare.
Positive effect on daycare
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Peer Interaction ­ Clarke-
Studied 150 children
Those in daycare were consistently more advanced in
their social development than those who stayed at
home with their mothers
Positive effect on daycare
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