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Explanations for the effectiveness of TV in

AO1 - Hard Sell and Soft Sell

Hard sell advertising gives the viewer the factual details about
the product ­ it appeals to central route processing
Examples of these type of adverts are the `Cilit Bang' advert
with Barry Scott, and the…

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`friendships' that form between the viewer and the celebrity
are known as parasocial relationships (Giles 2002) ­ they
give us confidence that the message is valid and reliable and
make us more likely to try a new product.
This can be explained by classical conditioning in that we
come to…

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Explain: Although there are lots of anecdotal accounts of the
success of celebrity product endorsement, research evidence for
its effectiveness is somewhat less conclusive.
Apply: In a study of the persuasiveness of over 5000 TV
commercials, Hume (1992) concluded that celebrity
endorsement did not enhance the persuasive communication of




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