Effective Marketing

notes about effective marketing in business as

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Effective Marketing
Purposes of Marketing:
Anticipation customer's wants- first stage conduct market research discover wants of
customers factors that influence what they want. Detailed analysis of market research.
Satisfying customers wants in a way that delights customers, an organisation will decide on
suitable marketing techniques.
Meeting the needs of the organisation- ultimately intended to enable a business to satisfy it
own wants
Marketing objectives- the goals of the marketing department, goals must be consistent with
the goals of the organisation as a whole.
Types of marketing objectives:
Size : can be measured by sales or market share
A specific level of sales volume e.g. over 4 million chocolate bars
A percentage rise in the sales revenue
A target percentage market share
Market leadership or a certain position in the market e.g. asda and sainsburys
fighting to become 2nd largest supermarket in Britain
Marketing position
This is concerned with a company's appeal to particular market segments. Examples include:
Rugby league trying to appeal to more women
Starbucks targeting younger age groups
Settanta bidding for premiership football in order to increase it's appeal to sports fans who
would otherwise mainly watch sky
Innovation/increase product range
Examples include:
Ben and Jerry's introducing unusual flavours and names of ice cream in order to maintain its
reputation for individuality
Apple introducing the iphone both to penetrate a new market and to enhance its reputation
for innovation and design.
Creation of loyalty/goodwill
O2- an exclusive agreement with apple that allowed O2 to be the only network provider to
offer the new iphone
McDonald's aiming to maintain recognisable golden arches logo most recognised in the
world .
Specsavers aiming to set a percentage of repeat customers

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Examples include:
Woolworths trying to maintain a presence in the high street
Lotto trying to make sure that it's overall sales which fell by 5.5% in 2007 do not fall
Consumer marketing Vs Business to Business
Larger transactions, specialist buyers and sellers, quality, informative advertising, pricing , buyer
seller relationships.
Niche marketing = targeting a product or service at a small segment of a larger market
Mass marketing- aiming a product at all (or most ) of the market.…read more


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