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Sociologists ­ Education

(Functionalist )

Durkheim ­ education links individuals to society, provides specialist work skills and
teaches individuals social rules.

Parsons ­ education teaches universalistic values, the fundamental values of society and
allocates pupils to future work roles.

Davis and Moore ­ since society requires different talents possessed by…

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Gilborn and Youdell (2001) ­ working class and black students were more likely to be
seen as achieving lower and so placed in lower sets, therefore denying them the opportunity
to get good grades.

Lupton (2003) ­ schools are poor because of cultural backgrounds of their intake and
internal processes…

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Reay ­ middle class mums invest their time and effort into their child's education.

Flaherty financial problems explain why many working class pupils leave at 16

(Gender and Achievement)

Sharpe ­ women aspirations had changed since her original study, now women aspire to
things outside of the housewife role


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Browne and Gay ­ positive responses were given to 63% of job applications identified as
being from ethnic minorities, compared to (0% of those being identified as from white

Gilbourne ­ AfricanCaribbean boys are most likely to get detentions because they are
often misinterpreted through their dress and manner…


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