Education Access (Hammersmith and Fulham) - Case Study

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3 ­ Education in Hammersmith and Fulham
> Factors which affect access to the service for different people.
- Girls schools seem to be achieving better results.
> Fulham College Girls: 69% A*- C (incl. E+M)
> Fulham College Boys: 36% A*- C (incl. E+M)
- All-boys schools don't do as well, also there are no boys fee-paying, they
have to travel to another borough.
- Faith schools are higher achieving, apart from fee-paying which achieve 100%
A*- C results in GCSEs.
- RC and Church of England, but not other religious schools, inequality in access
for other religions.
> Sacred Heart (religious): 95% A*- C
> Fulham Girls (non-religious): 69% A*- C
Socio-Economic Group:
- Poorer families in north of the borough, where poorly performing schools are.
- Well-off families located in south, where 2 of the 3 top performing schools
- Schools in south & centre perform better than north.
- Fee-paying schools located in the centre.
> St Pauls Girls School
- Easy access by public transport (U16s free bus travel).
GCSE Results:
- All boys' schools do poorly.
- Faith schools do better.
- Fee-paying schools perform best, but inequality in access (dependent on



Thanks, I haven't found a case study resource on this anywhere else and this is really useful

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