Edexel GCSE History - The Wild West

A list of dates and key events to remember for the exam, helped me out hugely with revision. 

Note: Dates not in order. 

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1837 ­ Eastern Bank Collapse
1840 ­ Fur Trade collapse
1840-50 ­ 55,000 arrive in California and Oregon
1846 - Donner Party
1847 ­ Mormons reach salt lake
1848 ­ gold discovered in California
1848 ­ peak year for migration
1851- Fort Laramie Treaty 1 ­ land money and protection…

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50,000 jobs created
By 1890 over 324,000km of railroad covers states
Averaged 12inches of track when building through mountains.

Law and Order
Private protection agencies set up, eg. 1850 ­ Pinkterton Protective Agency
200+ vigilante groups operating west of the Mississippi.
Jesse James ­ 1876 Bank robbery gone wrong leaves…


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