Edexel GCSE History - The Wild West

A list of dates and key events to remember for the exam, helped me out hugely with revision. 

Note: Dates not in order. 

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1837 ­ Eastern Bank Collapse
1840 ­ Fur Trade collapse
1840-50 ­ 55,000 arrive in California and Oregon
1846 - Donner Party
1847 ­ Mormons reach salt lake
1848 ­ gold discovered in California
1848 ­ peak year for migration
1851- Fort Laramie Treaty 1 ­ land money and protection
1861-Fort Wise treaty ­ move Indians to smaller reservations
1862 ­ Little Crow leads 12,000 Santee Indians on attacks on Americans for food, killing
many ­ by October 2,000 Indians captured and sent to a new smaller reservation
1864 ­ SandCreek Massacre, Black Kettle and his tribe attack wagons for food but leave
people unharmed. After 3 years gov. promises protection and the tribe moves to
SandCreek. Nov 1864 Colonel Chivington attacks camp, killing over 450 men, women and
children. Other Indians hear and increase attacks on white Americans.
1868 discovery of gold in Montana breaks Fort Laramie treaty, new treaty is made giving
tribes land in the black hills.
1876 Battle of Little Big Horn after discovery of gold in black hills breaking new fort
Laramie treaty.
1887 ­ Dawes act parcels land for farming, Indians refusal to take land leads to Oklahoma
land race ­ 1889
1890 ­ Battle of wounded knee
By the end of 1849, 90,000 miners had moved west.
1862 Homestead act
1866 ­ work begins on first railway to cross America
1866 ­ Goodnight and Loving make $24,000 taking 2,000 cattle to fort summer in north.
1867 ­ Joseph McCoy builds Abilene, first cow town; by 1881 2million cattle had gone
from Abilene to Chicago.
1868 ­ railroad finished
1873 ­ timbre and culture act
1874 ­ barbed wire mass produced
1886 ­ last great cattle drive
1892 ­ Johnson county war
1862 ­ cattle begins being reared on the plains (John IIiff)
1864 ­ Thousands of families move onto plains.
1866 ­ 260,000 cattle driven from Texas north.
By 1882 Cattle profits fall.
1840 ­ 1885 over 20million buffalo killed.
1863 -10,000 + Chinese and Irish labourers brought In to build railroad

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By 1890 over 324,000km of railroad covers states
Averaged 12inches of track when building through mountains.
Law and Order
Private protection agencies set up, eg. 1850 ­ Pinkterton Protective Agency
200+ vigilante groups operating west of the Mississippi.
Jesse James ­ 1876 Bank robbery gone wrong leaves 3 of band dead.…read more


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