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Atoms are structured like so:

The nucleus has most of the weight but is the smallest part of the atom itself. It contains the
NEUTRONS and the PROTONS. The nucleus has an overall charge of +1 because the PROTONS are +1
and the NEUTRONS are +0…

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Elements and Groups that you NEED to know:

Group 1 Elements ­ The ALKALI METALS:

Group 1 elements (Lithium, Sodium, Potassium, Rubidium, Francium, Caesium) are also known as the
ALKALI METALS react VIGOROUSLY in WATER. This reaction forms an ALKALINE solution with the water
(would make UI blue).

The reason…

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Most Noble gases are used in everyday life too ­ Neon is used in Tacky shop signs. They are cheap to
run because they don't take much electricity and they give a bright RED light when it's NEON. Noble
gases are even used in the famous helium-neon laser and the…


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