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Topic 3 Problems of, and solutions to a changing environment

3.1 Define a drug as a chemical substance, such as a narcotic or hallucinogen, that
affects the central nervous system, causing changes in psychological behaviour and
possible addiction

3.2 Describe the general effects of:
a painkillers that block nerve impulses,…

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3.11 Demonstrate an understanding that plants produce chemicals that have
antibacterial effects in order to defend themselves, some of which are used by
3.12 Describe how antiseptics can be used to prevent the spread of Infection

3.13 Explain the use of antibiotics to control infection, including:
a antibacterials to…

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3.25 Demonstrate an understanding of how recycling can reduce the demand for
resources and the problem of waste disposal, including paper, plastics and metals

3.26 Demonstrate an understanding of how carbon is recycled:
a during photosynthesis plants remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere
b carbon compounds pass along a food…


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