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1.1 Demonstrate an understanding of how biologists classify organisms according to
how closely they are related to one another including:

a Species ­ groups of organisms that have many features in common
b Genus ­ contains several species with similar characteristics
c Family ­…

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1.10 Construct and use keys to show how species can be identified

1.11 Explain how organisms are adapted to their environment and how some organisms
have characteristics that enable them to survive in extreme environments, including
deep-sea hydrothermal vents and Polar Regions

1.12 Demonstrate an understanding of Darwin's theory of…

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1.20 Describe the structure of the nucleus of the cell as containing chromosomes, on
which genes are located

1.21 Demonstrate an understanding that genes exist in alternative forms called alleles
which give rise to differences in inherited characteristics

1.22 Recall the meaning of, and use appropriately, the terms: dominant, recessive,…


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