[Edexcel] Unit 1 Government & Politics: Pressure Groups

An introduction to Pressure Groups and the types of pressure groups.


  • What is a Pressure Group
  • The difference between a Pressure Group & a Political Party
  • Types of Pressure Groups
  • Functions of Pressure Groups
  • How Pressure Groups exert their influence
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Pressure Groups 8/3/12 S4

What is a Pressure Group?
Individuals and committees who participate in the political process by forming/joining a pressure/interest
group. Consists of people who share common concerns/interests. Can operate locally, nationally/globally.

The group will use its power to:
Get its views published
Influence decisions taken (by councils/EU)…

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Pressure Groups #2 8/3/12 S5

Functions of Pressure Groups:
Political Participation
Policy Formulation
Policy Implementation

Function Explanation

Provides a mouthpiece for groups and interests that are not represented
by political parties. PGs = Alternative functional representation.
But ­ PGs have low level of internal democracy, express views…

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Pressure Groups #3 8/3/12 S5

Who do they want to influence?

Parliament On Ministers & Civil Servants
Parliamentary lobbying ­ seek to contact Ministers = heart of `core executive' ­ they
sympathetic/well-placed MPs and give them expensively develop policy = where power lies
produced information packs (influencing them).
Stalk the…


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