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Environmental and Medical Issues…read more

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Global Warming
What is it? Solutions
The fact that the Earth is warmer than it has been for over a
thousand years. There are predictions of more rainfall in the North · Making electricity without
of England, rise in sea levels, some coastal arrears disappearing and producing Carbon Dioxide: wind
Mediterranean countries becoming deserts. power, sea power, HEP, solar
· Car manufacturers are using
Causes ethanol, biodiesel, electric
1. The Greenhouse Effect batteries and hydrogen to power
The burning of fossil fuels (gas, coal and oil) which produces Carbon cars without carbon emissions.
Dioxide. This produces a barrier in the atmosphere so that the heat However, using bio fuels could lead
from the Sun can get through, but cannot get back out again. to world starvation and electric
batteries can cause just as much
2. Natural Climate Change pollution if they rely on electricity
Some Scientists claim that the Earth's climate has always been produced by power stations using
changing. They claim that nature produces far more carbon gases oil or coal.
from volcanic emissions, animals, bacteria, decaying vegetation and · It is possible to improve the
the ocean than humans are ever likely to. efficiency and reduce the pollution
caused by cars.
3. Solar Activity · Increased use of public transport
Some claim that changes in the Earth's temperature are caused by could greatly reduce carbon
the amount of radiation coming from the sun. emissions. Trains are the lowest
carbon emission form of transport.…read more

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The main forms are: Solutions
1. Acid Rain ­ Buildings and forests in countries are
1. If society stops using fossil fuels in power
being destroyed by acid rain. This is caused by the stations, acid rain will not be produced, so
burning of fossil fuels such as coal and oil, which the solution is to create electricity from win,
releases sulfuric and nitric acid. These pollutants go sun, tides and nuclear energy.
into the atmosphere and change the pH of the
rainwater to pH3 so it is acidic and can burn things
on Earth. 2. Recycling, using incinerators to produce
2. Human Waste ­ In the form of sewage, rubbish and electricity, and sewage to produce methane
litter. Europe produces more than 2.5 billion tons of to provide fuel for power stations. People
solid waste a year. Litter has helped cause an need to stop dropping litter and can be fined
if they do so.
increase in the rat population to 70 million. Rats
bring many diseases to humans. Litter also chokes
animals and causes thousands of road accidents. 3. Improving sewage treatments and less use of
phosphates in detergents and less use of
3. Eutrophication ­ An excess of nitrates, nitrites and nitrates in farming fertilisers.
phosphates in rivers is leading to a lack of oxygen
and an increase in aquatic plants which is causing 4. Some nuclear waste can be reprocessed.
fish to die and poisons to enter water supplies. It is 97% can be re-used. 3% has to be stored.
caused by fertilisers being washed into streams. This Isolating the waste inside a suitable rock
could lead to major health problems such as formation to ensure that no significant
septicaemia. quantities of radioactivity ever reach the
4. Radioactive Pollution ­ When humans come into surface environment is the safest method of
treating long-term nuclear waster and is
contact with too much radiation they can be killed, called geological disposal.
get cancer and have genetically mutated children.…read more

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Scarcity of Natural Resources
1. Renewable Resources
These are resources which humans can use over and · There are now several alternative ways of
over again because they renew themselves. Examples : making electricity which do not use non-
wind power, solar power, water power, fertile land renewable resources.
producing food, oil seed rape and sugar cane (which can · Car manufacturers are looking at water, sugar
provide energy for cars), soft woods (which grow very cane and electric batteries as ways of
quickly and can be used for paper). Human use of such powering cars.
renewable resources causes no problems but using them · Recycling will enable the lifetime of many
to produce electricity is more expensive. finite resources to be extended. Some cares
are now made of almost 75% recycled
2. Finite or non-renewable resources materials.
These are resources which disappear once they are used. · Scientists are working on using chemicals
Examples : coal, oil, iron, tin, copper, uranium, natural from plants rather than oil to produce such
gas, hard woods. Human use of these cause major things as plastics.
problems because as the resource is used it becomes · Some people think an alternative lifestyle is
scarcer and so can be used less. necessary and they only use natural products
All plastics and road surfaces, most candles, polishes and (e.g. clothes made from cotton or wool), eat
chemical foodstuffs come from oil. If the oil begins to dry organic goods and ride bikes. They believe
up there will be major effects on people's lives. Many that if everyone lived in this way the
Scientists feel that unless we stop using these resources problems of diminishing resources would be
as we are, they will soon run out. This would mean no greatly reduced.
cars, no televisions, stereos etc.…read more

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Christian teachings on stewardship
· It is a basic belief of Xtianity that God gave humans How beliefs about stewardship affect
the stewardship of Earth and its resources. Xtian attitudes to the environment
Stewardship means looking after something so
that it can be passed on to the next generation.
· In the Genesis accounts of creation, God gave ·Xtians should try to reduce pollution and
humans the right to rule over the Earth. It gives preserve resources for future generations.
humans control of animals, all other living ·Xtians should try to improve the quality of life
creatures and plants. of the less fortunate by sharing the Earth's
· The Old Testament teaches that humans have a resources more fairly and improve the standard
responsibility to treat animals humanely and to of living in LEDCs without causing more
treat the land kindly. pollution.
· In the Parable of the Talents or Minas, Jesus taught ·Xtians feel they have a duty to sharr in and
that God expects humans to pass on to the next support the work of groups which try to reduce
generation more than they have been given. pollution and conserve resources.
· Jesus taught that Xtians have a responsibility to ·Every Xtian should be judging what they are
ensure a fair sharing of the Earth's resources. doing in their life as an individual by the
· The Bible makes clear that there will be a standards of Xtian stewardship. It is only by
judgement day at the end of the world when being a good steward and conserving the
people will be judged on their beliefs and environment and scarce resources that a Xtian
behaviour. Most Xtians believe that part of this
can become a good Xtian.
judgement will be on how they have fulfilled their
duty as stewards of God's Earth.…read more

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Hindu teachings on stewardship
They feel they have a duty to look after the Earth How beliefs about stewardship affect H
by: attitudes to the environment
·H's should try to reduce pollution and
1. Respect for animal life ­ In his avatars, Vishnu preserve resources
appears as a fish, a tortoise, a boar and a lion. ·Stewardship means protecting animals and
Krishna was a cowherd. Many H's believe being vegetarian
that they have been animals in previous ·H's believe that respect for life means a fair
incarnations. So animals are respects and my sharing of the Earth's resources, so H's should
H's believe that the teachings on ahimsa try to improve the quality of life of the less
mean that they should be vegetarians. fortunate by sharing the Earth's resources more
Almost all H's regard the cow as sacred fairly and improving the standard of living in
LEDCs without causing more pollution.
because of its connections with Krishna.
·H's feel they have a duty to share in and
2. Respect for nature ­ Forests are very special support the work of groups which try to reduce
to H's. The 3rd ashrama after the householder the pollution and conserve resources.
is the forest dweller. The forests are pure
nature untouched by humans and it is in Some feel that as humans are the most
living here that H's can find union with God. advanced life-form they have been given the
According to H stories, Krishna spent much of right to use the Earth's resources in any way
his time in the forest, which also makes them they think is right. There is a lot of conflict in
India between the H's who want industrial
very special places. progress regardless of the environment and the
H's who think the environment must be
protected from industry.…read more

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