Edexcel - The Rise of Nazi Germany DATES

A very detailed list of dates, I doubt we have to remember them all but it gives a good overview of the whole course.

AS NAZI GERMANY - the collapse of the Weimar government and start of Nazism. On the Nationalism paper.  (not many people seem to be doing this anyway)

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Nazi Germany - important dates
1871 Formation of Imperial Germany

1918 September Germany lose WW1
3rd October Prince Max of Baden appointed chancellor
9th November Weimar republic established, Ebert appointed chancellor
10th November Ebert-Groener agreement (between army and Weimar)
15th November - Stinnes-Leigen agreement (between trade unions and industrialists)


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Creation of Confessional Church
Reich Ministry of Education created

1935 15th September Nuremberg Race Laws

1936 Berlin Olympics
June Heinrich Himmler appointed Chief of Gestapo
October Four-Year plan established (rearmament/autarky)

1937 November Resignation of Schacht

1938 12th March Anschluss - German union with Austria
9-10 November Kristallnacht
3rd December…


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