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Topic 4
Biodiversity and natural resources…read more

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Topic summary
· How biodiversity on Earth came about
· Adaptations
· Natural selection
· Classification
· Value of biodiversity
· Structure and function of starch and cellulose
· Animal and plant cell structure
· Zoos and seed banks/ conservation…read more

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What is a species?
· A species is a group of organisms with a
similar genotype and behaviour which can
interbreed to produce fertile offspring.…read more

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Habitat ­ place where organism lives
· Population ­ group of interbreeding
individuals of the same species in an area
· Community ­ various populations in an area
· Niche ­ The way am organism uses its
environment…read more

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· A niche is the way in which different species
are adapted to use their habitats in different
ways, different food sources, feeding times,
shelter etc., meaning they are not in direct
competition with each other.…read more

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· Behavioral ­ actions helping survival or
reproduction (burying brazil nuts, turning leaves towards sun)
· Physiological ­ internal workings (ability to tolerate
salt concentrations, high temperatures, living underwater)
· Anatomical ­ structures visible when
observed or dissected (long tongue, colour)…read more

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