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Religion and Community Cohesion

Community Cohesion ­ a common vision and shared sense of
belonging for all groups in society

Discrimination- treating someone unfairly because you are
prejudiced against them

Ethnic minority ­a member of an ethnic group which is smaller
than the majority ethnic group

Inter-faith minority ­ a…

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Believing in god

Agnosticism ­ not being sure if god exists

Atheism ­ the believe that god does not exist

Theism ­ the belief that god exists

Omni-benevolent ­ the belief that god is all good

Omniscient ­ the belief that god is all-knowing and all-seeing

Omnipotent ­ the belief…

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Matters of life and death

Abortion ­ removal of the foetus from the mother's womb before
it can survive

Assisted suicide ­ providing someone with the means to commit

Euthanasia ­ an easy and gentle death

Immortality of the soul ­ the belief that when your body dies,

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Marriage and the family

Adultery ­ having sex with someone other than your marriage

Civil partnership ­ a legal ceremony giving homosexual couples
the same rights as husband and wife

Cohabitation ­ living together without being married

Contraception ­ intentionally preventing pregnancy from

Faithfulness ­ staying with your…


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