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Belief in God ­ Section 1
Reasons for believing in God ­ (Theist)

The universe seems to have been designed by someone ­ the designer must be God
Science says that everything has a cause including the universe therefore God must exist
Humans cannot be here by chance ­ life…

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Sunday school or Church
Holy communion
Prayers ­ learn Bible stories
Festivals ­ Christmas, Easter, Harvest
See Vicars, Priests, Ministers
Confirmation (Roman Catholic)

Religious Experiences

Numinous (the feeling of the presence of something greater than you ­ God)
Feeling this presence will make them think God is real and they…

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If he is Omnipotent (all powerful) he must be able to get rid of suffering
If he is Omniscient (all knowing) he would know it was going to happen and do something about it

Therefore there is evil and suffering in the world because: God is not all good or…


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