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Assess the arguments for and against reforming the House of Lords
The House of Lords can be viewed as a `revising chamber'. Over half the time in the Lords is devoted to examining in detail legislation sent to it by the Commons. In this way it serves as a useful…

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To what extent has the coalition government altered the relationship between parliament and the government
Parliament also known as the legislative is the

TO LITTLE EXTENT = PM patronage is much stronger under TO SOME EXTENT = The coalition government is weaker than most
the coalition as members of government…

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To what extent is Parliament effective or not ?

UNEFFECTIVE = Relative weakness of legislative committees which EFFECTIVE = Select committees have a good record of bipartisanship
are subject to partisan whipping. In addition the opposition is in a and forcing government to be accountable and to amend policy on…

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To what extent does the government dominate parliament ?
Parliament is the legislative of this country, it's the body responsible for producing, scrutinizing and passing legislature. Government on the other hand is the body responsible for running the
country day to day. Under the fused model, government is formed from…

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the Public Administration Committee criticised the way Liam Fox's the defence committee was made up of 8 Labour member, 4 It has also meant that ministers and members o
resignation from the government was handled .Ministers do have Conservative and 5 Lib Dem's meaning government still had a majority of…

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occupations that put them into the top two categories in terms of social class. This essay will outline and asses the representative nature of parliament and argue why parliament doesn't truly
represent the current UK population.
Fair representation is ensured for the House of Commons by virtue of No government…

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through power in Parliament . Eg: Social and economic changes in the consensus. Eg: Thatcher's programme of privatisation in the 1980's
nineteenth century led to the extension of the franchise (right to vote or Cameron's privatisation of the NHS . Centralisation- the UK has
for women). Strong and effective government…

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are therefore necessary. For example the last government had over
900 SPAD's working the Downing St machine.
Codification would strengthen rights protection , and help guard the Consensus about what should be included in a written constitution seems
citizen against an over mighty state. Despite steps in the right remote…





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