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TOPIC 2- controlling and using electric current

Series and Parallel circuits

Series circuit ­ components connected on the same loop of the circuit. The current that flows across each

component is the same.

Parallel circuit ­ components connected on separate loops. The current is shared between each
component and the…

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Resistor at constant temperature: the current flowing through a resistor at constant temperature is
proportional to voltage.

The filament lamp (a light bulb that contains a thin coil of wire called filament and it heats up when an
electrical current passes through it): as the temperature of the filament increases,…

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On the other hand it is useful if you want to heat something for example toasters contain a coil of wire with
a high resistance, when an electrical current passes the temperature increases and gives off heat radiation
(infrared) which cooks the food. Light bulbs work similar.

Charge is measured…


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