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AS Edexcel Biology Qs.
Unit 2 Topic 3-Organelles
Part 2
Hope you like it :D…read more

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Specification pt.
Describe the ultrastructure of an animal (eukaryotic)
cell (nucleus, nucleolus, ribosomes, rough and smooth
endoplasmic reticulum, mitochondria, centrioles,
lysosomes, and Golgi apparatus) and recognise these
organelles from EM images.…read more

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1.What organelle are these?
2.What are they made up of?
3.What is their function?…read more

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3.Centrioles are involved in the separation of
chromosomes during cell division.…read more

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Label the eukaryotic plant cell…read more

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A: Plasma Membrane
· B: Vacuole
· C: Nucleus
· D: Cell Wall
· E: a Mitochondrion…read more

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